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(to October 8, 2017)

About the Traveler’s phrasebook application

Are you going on a holiday or business trip to a foreign country and you don’t speak the local language? When travelling you have to successfully operate in a strange, foreign environment. You need to find shops, order food in restaurants, look for accommodation, rent a car and go out for the night. The Traveler’s phrasebook is an essential and indispensable guide designed for each country where you don´t have mastery of the local language.

With knowledge of English one can speak in 89 countries, with German in 10 countries, and with Italian in 7 countries. However, the Traveler’s phrasebook enables you to speak anywhere in the world - and locals are always pleased when you attempt to communicate in their own language.

The complete collection of the Traveler’s phrasebook includes a wide range of commonly used phrases in 22 languages. This means you no longer need individual travel guides or dictionaries. When you purchase one language from our downloadable language phrasebook, or, at a reduced price, the whole collection of languages, the phrases are then ready to be downloaded to your  iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. You don’t have to be online to access the language or languages – you have these phrases at your disposal anytime day or night. The specifics of the traveler’s phrasebook sometimes differ from one language to another, due to the unique characteristics of each country where the language is spoken (geography, gastronomy, culture, etc.).

Every traveler’s phrasebook is divided into 31 essential themes, which are frequently encountered while travelling. The phrasebook enables you to communicate in everyday situations (for example:  greetings and introductions, weather, public transportation, dining, accommodation, banking, etc.).

Each theme includes sentences (phrases or words), which are prepared by native speakers. The wide range of themes covers typical situations which you may encounter while travelling. We advise you to not only read, but also listen to these sentences, so that your pronunciation comes naturally. Alternatively, you don´t have to struggle with speaking; instead, you can play a sentence out loud and the application will ‘speak‘ for you.


FREE and without further obligation - find out how the application works and everything that is included. Then purchase the audio recordings of your chosen language or the complete package of the traveler’s phrasebook in all 22 languages, directly from the application. Download the Traveler’s phrasebook for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from iTunes®.